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Jinetes en la playa

Why Sempre Atins?

Adding to these difficulties, there is also a lack of water during the dry season. For this reason, we built our own 50,000-liter cistern to collect all the necessary water for our horses during the rainy period of work. This way, we ensure that your horses are well hydrated during your desert ride. Soon, we will also have a windmill to extract water in a completely ecological way, which will be integrated into the field irrigation system. We plan to build the first chicken coop and vegetable garden for organic food production that will be used during our walks. In addition, an interconnected waste utilization and recycling system makes the project more sustainable and harmonious with nature. By booking a horseback ride with us, you will also be helping us promote more conscious and eco-friendly tourism.

We breed our own horses for horseback riding in the Lençóis Maranhenses, ensuring animals that are specially treated and trained for rides. This is challenging in the region due to the lack of conditions for raising animals. The lack of nutritional value in the pastures requires us to provide a diet supplemented with supplements. Unfortunately, these balanced foods (corn, wheat, and soy) can only be supplied in Barreirinhas, which increases costs due to transportation (by boat or ATV). We have well-organized feeding programs. As natural grass is not very rich in nutrients, we cultivate sustainable pasture areas in richer, moist soils or enriched with limestone and marinades. This grass can only be cut and handled in the stables for the animals.

We are the only ones who live in Atins year-round and ride every day, so we can offer the best and most incredible routes in each season, depending on the weather conditions and the changes in geographical features caused by rain or wind, which completely transform the dunes. We visit the most varied formations and areas within the National Park, such as vegetation, dunes, lagoons, and villages, making the experience more experiential and integrated with nature and culture.

We learn from nature a more natural and organic way of life, from the way we sleep and eat, teamwork, the creation of farm and subsistence animals; simple herb and vegetable gardens; the use of wild fruits such as Mirim, Caju and Coco; the various ways of using cassava, TIQUIRA alcohol, TAPIOCA starch, and flour, which are fundamental for FAROFA.

We want to show and preserve the beauty of this place and the ancient culture that inhabits it, so come share this passion and responsibility with us.


We are an official agency, with all the certificates to carry out the activity, the guides are credentialed for work within the National Park


The groups are always accompanied in addition to the guide by one or two auxiliaries for the assistance at all times of the members of the group



Our horseback riding also includes adventure risk insurance, by Porto Seguro.


Assistance and direct information via WhatsApp, every day, in Portuguese, English and Spanish


By choosing our ecotourism agency, you can be sure that you are contributing to the preservation of the environment and the future of our planet.

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