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I declare to be inadequate physical and mental conditions for the practice of physical activities, mounted on horses, within the region of Lençóis Maranhenses with Agência Semper Atins.

I also declare that I do not omit any pre-existing pathology or physical condition that puts my life at risk during the practice of activities.


I declare my condition and health status, indicating if I had or have a fever, shortness of breath, flu symptoms or any other symptom related to COVID-19.

I also understand that in the practice of horseback riding, I am in contact with animals, they may have reactions by instinct, and I commit myself to follow the instructions of the Semper Atins team regarding the treatment of animals.

I undertake to strictly follow the guidelines of the aforementioned team from the moment of arrival at the place called “meeting point” until the end of the activities and inform them of any adverse reaction that I may have.

I am aware that any act of mine, contrary to the information received and guidance from the Semper Atins team, can cause damage to my physical integrity, the environment and third parties, which I fully assume;

I understand that it is mandatory to wear clothing appropriate to the activity to be performed.

I understand that during the activity Semper Atins is the highest authority, and its instructions, commands, requests must be followed promptly;

That in the event of an accident during the activity, I authorize Semper Atins to carry out the necessary first aid procedures, as well as immediately request the emergency hospital emergency services, including specialized removal that is available;

Have been informed of the risks involved in the activity

General risks of adventure activity (nature walks), such as insect bites, poisonous animal bites, weather conditions, among others.

Light, serious or very serious injuries, due to an accident or failure to follow the guidelines of the Semper Atins team.

That I understand and accept all the risks mentioned

Finally, I declare that I authorize the posting of videos or photographs eventually taken on the date of the event for promotional and dissemination purposes.

I am aware that Semper Atins will not be responsible for the payment of medical and / or hospital expenses, as well as indemnities. Semper Atins hires an adventure risk insurance, to request the insurance I send the data of

my name …… date of birth… cpf or passport….

WhatsApp +5598991616153

(Failure to send the data means voluntary abstention from insurance, and responsibility for any medical payment or pantry by the customer)

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