Facundo E. Menossi

Facundo arrived in Lençóis Maranhenses on a trip with friends in 2013, and never managed to leave again, marveling at the infinitely pure nature of this place, healthy life and open friendships decided to stay for a while, after almost a year of contemplation and exploring Walking the region of Atins, also motivated by the work of some friends, began to lead small groups on walks, and created the name Semper Atins, in social networks to spread their work. Already determined to settle in Atins, he acquired the first horses, and rented others to ride, a difficult road, but perseverance, passion for animals and nature helped carry out the project. Year after year, thoroughly exploring the dunes and lagoons of the desert, understanding the changes in geography and natural forms, exuberant and distinctive feature of Lençóis Maranhenses, so he designs the best routes to know this special place at any time of the year.


Eugenio Romoli

Eugenio always travels through new places, for work and in search of connection with nature and new people, so he arrived in Atins for the first time in 2017, motivated to discover the place where his friend Facundo was already. Passionate about nature and animals, he decided to join the project and join forces to this challenge of raising animals and offering unique experiences for other people traveling in that search like him.
With his participation the Semper Atins project, he achieved a greater organic structuring, a more sustainable work that allows a better maintenance of the horses, through the cultivation of pastures.
He will also be in the 2020 season accompanying all the work, and some horseback riding between July and August, to share with you all his passion for nature.


Roberta Fernandes Martins

Roberta has a degree in Pedagogy from the State University of Pará, working for more than 10 years in special education.  In 2019, during a trip, she went to Atins and met Facundo, they fell in love and decided to have a daughter, Lua de Sofia.  But she also fell in love with horses and the experiences that the relationship with horses offers in the field of therapy and treatment of different pathologies.  Roberta started studying, and has already finished the first levels of Hippotherapy, and is also studying Physiotherapy.  She is the complement that makes our work more responsible and humane, you can request to accompany her as a therapist on your tour...