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Oásis Riding

The perfect 3-day, 2-night adventure to explore and experience the Lençóis Maranhenses in a unique and unforgettable way. On horseback, you will visit two oases: Baixa Grande and Queimada dos Brito. A definitive immersion in the traditions and nature of this Brazilian white desert.

Lagoa Negra Sempre Atins Cavalgadas



  • Wake up early to prepare and have time to pack your equipment.

  • At 7:30 AM, our 4x4 vehicle will be waiting for you at the lodge, about 20 km from the mouth of the Rio Negro, where we will start the horseback riding.

  • At 9 AM, surrounded by white and crystal clear sand dunes, we will arrive at the first giant lagoons, with time for a swim, admire the beauty of nature, and take photos.

  • At noon, we will arrive at the house of Dona Dete and Senhor Moacir, in the first oasis, to have lunch of a traditional free-range chicken with coconut milk.

  • After the rest on the hammocks, in the afternoon, at 3 PM, we will resume the horseback riding towards the second oasis. During the trail, besides the dunes and lagoons, we will also cross the Rio Negro (can be challenging at some times of the year).

  • We will arrive at the end of the horseback riding to admire the sunset on the dunes and before nightfall, we will arrive at the house of Dona Joana and Senhor Raimundo, where dinner will be prepared. The small and cozy rooms with a view of the Queimada dos Brito oasis will be waiting for you.


  • Start the day early with a breakfast and prepare your equipment for the horseback ride.

  • Embark on a trail through virgin areas of the park, visiting lagoons and dunes and having time to dive and rest.

  • Have lunch at the home of Dona Regina and Senhor Raimundo, where grilled fish will be served.

  • In the late afternoon, admire the sunset over the dunes and lagoons before dinner at Dona Dete's farm, with menu options including duck, goat, river or sea fish.

  • After dinner, go on a night horseback ride to your tent, equipped with mattresses and LED lights, to spend the night in the middle of the nature of the oasis and admire the sky and stars.


  • Enjoy a special outdoor breakfast with hot coffee and natural juices

  • Time to walk and explore the life in Lençóis Maranhenses, take a bath in the lagoons and enjoy nature

  • Special lunch with grilled meats and fish, roasted vegetables, surprise toast, and traditional desserts

  • Rest after lunch

  • Final horseback ride towards the coast of Lençóis, with gallops through dunes and beaches at sunset

  • Arrival at Guajiru waterfalls

  • Return to Atins with awaiting vehicle.


Available shipments

Open from MAY to FEBRUARY


Standard Service from R$4200 shared.

Premium service from R$5100 private.



Oasis Baixa Grande: House of Dona Dete, House of Dona Regina (tents with mattress)

Oasis Queimada dos Brito: Dona Joana's House (hammocks and beds)



■ All accommodations during the trip
■ All meals and drinks
■ All activities mentioned in the itinerary
■ Expert guidance
■ All activities on horseback
■ Adventure insurance



■ International and Domestic Flights
■ Gratuities and items of a personal nature

■ Accommodation in São Luís and Atins MA
■ Additional activities such as Kite Surfing or Fishing
■ Travel and medical insurance


Lençóis Maranhenses, Atins
Maranhão Brasil

SLZ Airport Marechal Machado São Luis - MA - Brasil

Sao Luis - Atins
PRIVATE (Premium)

OPEN from May to February

3 Days - 12 hours on horseback

Maximum group 8 people
Minimum 2 people.

Intermediate Riding Level


Our premium service includes transportation from São Luis to Atins, as well as a private horseback ride and a unique culinary experience, complete with professional photographs and videos.

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