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Superficie granulada


Inform yourself about the prevention of hygienic and sanitary risks in the development of your activity;

Avoid greetings with physical contact, including shaking hands, with other tour guides and other professionals in addition to tourists and visitors;

Respect the distance of 2 (two) meters whenever possible;

Electronic payments (prepaid, over the internet, and cards).
Bank transfer. Bank slip. PayPal (20% increase).
Credit card payments will also be accepted with prior request and provision of a signal from the operator VIVO at the Pousada. Payments Information.

Requests and confirmation of online services, in case your inn does not provide internet, ask your manager to contact Semper Atins Cavalgadas.
Please complete and submit the Application Form.

If the GUIDE shows any sign or symptom of Covid-19, even if it is mild, it should refrain from providing services;

Always wear masks and instruct customers to do the same. Remember to change the mask whenever they get wet;

When disposing of masks, gloves, handkerchiefs or any disposable personal object, it must be stored in a specific trash bin and qualified for this purpose. Failing this, pack them in a bag and seal it until its possible disposal;

In the case of a reusable mask, adequate hygiene must be performed after each use;

Cleaning of equipment, saddles, harness, and helmets after each tour, with disinfectant and 70% alcohol in gel.

The horses are bathed after each ride and at the dawn of each day.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. If this is not possible, use a disinfectant solution, such as 70% alcohol in the forms (liquid, gel, spray, foam or wet wipes), especially after coughing or sneezing or after touching specially contaminated surfaces;

Frequently disinfect personal items such as: glasses, cell phones, microphones, radios, etc;

Avoid sharing work equipment (such as radios, walkie talkies, etc.) with other guides. In the case of the need to share or alternate use of equipment, it must be sanitized before the next use;

The tour guide must inform his clients about the applicable preventive and hygienic measures, as well as the restrictions, limitations and / or modifications in the service necessary to prevent contagion;

It should be determined and previously informed how and where the visit (s) will be carried out, as well as possible restrictions from service providers.

Prepare tours, preferably in a single direction to avoid crossing groups, whenever possible, coordinating the route with other guides;

Coordinate with service providers (accommodations, restaurants, etc.) protocols for visits and risk prevention;

Avoid small spaces and areas susceptible to concentration of agglomerations;

Establish a maximum number of people to whom the service can be safely offered;

Before making the reservation, inform the client about new health procedures adopted as security measures by the company (preferably in digital / online support: via website, social networks, telephone, message, document on information for participants / Term of Responsibility and Risks - ABNT NBR ISO 21103 - Information for Participants). Clarify that in the case of any symptoms of respiratory infection (for example, cough, runny nose, difficulty breathing) that the client suspends the reservation to avoid putting others at risk. Adopt a procedure for postponing / canceling reservations in accordance with the situation and applicable legislation.

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