Some very important changes are being made to the laws that govern the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a fundamental point for us is the definitive inclusion of Equestrian Tourism within the new management plan, for this the ICMBio (Chico Mendes Institute) which is the responsible for the care and supervision within the Park, organized a Technical Chamber with representatives of the different activities that are carried out, as the only horseback riding agency we were invited to participate, so we could see and understand a little more about the problems of preservation and Ecological awareness in the region, while we think that decisions must be based on environmental arguments and that consider life in the communities within the park, the main guideline for this is the economic motivations of the different groups, another

perception we had was disinterest for alternative activities, such as ours that do not have an impact To strong in the economy in general of the region, although in recent years we have had a good growth in the demand for horseback riding, it is a characteristic for which there is no possibility of having a sustainable and ecological-based tourism. That is why we continue a direct contact with the ICMBio to try to establish coordinates for the regulation of our activity in the new law, ecological, and responsible with nature and culture. Thus we want to help in the preservation, of which, besides being our source of life, it is a wonderful and unique nature, and also a gigantic reservoir of pure waters fundamental to the life of countless primitive communities that inhabit the park, these communities are fundamental to preserve much more natural values ​​and livelihoods.

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