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Sunrise Ride

The ride starts still in the dark, at dawn the horses are waiting to take you to witness a magical moment, the sunrise in the white dunes of the National Park. Afterwards, a delicious and typical breakfast in Ponta do Mangue. And we got back to the inn with time to enjoy the beach or take other walks during the day.

Recommended period from September to January.

Departure 5h

3 hours of horseback riding

Arrival* 9 am

BRL 600 p.p.

BRL 630 p.p (Breakfast Included)

*back at the Inn

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Sunset Ride (Traditional)

A unique opportunity to take the most beautiful photographs, at dusk, horseback riding recommended between September and December but unforgettable throughout the year, the wind clears the sky and the sun paints the dunes with its reflections.

*Recommended period all year.

Departure from 15h to 15:30h

2 to 2.30 hours of riding

Arrival 18.30h

BRL 540 p.p.


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Horseback Riding of the Lagoons and Lunch

(Chicken Caipira in coconut milk)

Wake up early, have a good breakfast and prepare your equipment, the horses are ready to start the adventure early in the morning. This is the best time to oxygenate, the first hours of the morning are cooler and the best opportunity to see how life wakes up in the vegetation areas of Lençóis Maranhenses. Crossing small rivers of crystal clear water, a good time to cool off before arriving at the first group of dunes that we will travel, a wonderful view of wonderfully colored lagoons, natural pools for swimming and photographing, while exploring the shapes of the dunes and lagoons we continue to Ponta do Mangue, a village within the park where we will have lunch, the guide will share his experience with the natives, and lunch ... a delicious and traditional Galinha Caipira in coconut milk. A rest in the backyard hammocks and we go out to Lagoa das Sete Mulheres time for a refreshing swim, and start the tour around the dune field on the way to Canto de Atins, from here we continue along the beaches looking at the life of fishermen and nature , birds and crustaceans that are part of the mangrove riches ...

*Recommended period from March to August

Mandatory use of Pants and Closed Footwear

Departure 8 am-8.30 am

5 hours of horseback
Return 4.30 pm-5 pm

BRL 720 p.p. (Lunch Included)



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Sunset Ride + Dinner (Grilled Shrimp)

Visit the community of Ponta do Mangue and Lagoa do Mario (vegetation region) Stop at Lagoa do Pôr do Sol (dunes) Stop for dinner Grilled shrimp in Canto de Atins (included)
A unique opportunity to take the most beautiful photographs, at dusk, the lakes in the region are watered until September but the tour is recommended all year, after September the wind clears the sky and the sun paints the dunes with its reflections. The return trip is an unforgettable night ride to contemplate the stars and the endless sky of Lençóis.

Departure from 3.30 pm to 4 pm

3 hours of horseback

Come back 21h

BRL 625 p.p. shared (Dinner Included)

Horses sunset lençóis

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Extreme Horseback Riding

(2 day 1 night. All Inclusive)

Day 1 - Tropical Lagoon, Fome Forest, Blue Lagoon, Dunes and Lagoons.

Wake up at dawn for a good breakfast and prepare your gear, the horses are ready to start the adventure early in the morning. In the first part, the tour crosses small rivers of crystal clear water in the virgin vegetation area, a good time to cool off before reaching the first group of dunes, where we find the Tropical Lagoon, while exploring the shapes of the dunes and lagoons towards Lagoon. Azul, a region of dunes with incredible lagoons. At Mata Fome, lunch and a break for you and the horses. In the afternoon, continue the ride to Ponta do Mangue, watch the sunset on the dunes, the most surreal landscape. The traditional dinner is the free range chicken and the overnight stay in hammocks.

Day 2 - Ponta do Mangue, Capivara Lagoon, Sete Mulheres Lagoon, Dunes and Lagoons, Canto de Atins, beaches and mangroves.

Wake up at dawn in time to share a bath in the river alongside the horses. Contemplate how life begins in virgin nature mixed with the simple life of the families who live in this inhospitable place. The horses are ready to continue the adventure riding between the vegetation and the dune field, through hills that allow you to contemplate the immensity of the desert, the beaches and the sea several kilometers away, close to Canto de Atins where we lunch the grilled shrimp, neglect and the final part through the beaches and mangroves.


Recommended period from May to August

Mandatory use of Pants and Closed Footwear

Departure Day 1, 6:30am

12 hours of horseback

Return on Day 2, 5pm

BRL 1,980 p.p. shared (All inclusive)

Lagoa da Lua Cavalos lençóis Maranhenses

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A day in the oasis of Baixa Grande

7:00 am the 4x4 car (if 1 or 2 people can be a quadricycle) picks up the staff at the inn, to make a trip along the Lençóis Maranhenses beach to the Rio Negro, at this point the HORSES wait to continue riding, between lakes and high dunes , on the way we stop for a bath and contemplation, and continue to the Oasis of Baixa Grande in the heart of Lençóis Maranhenses, here we arrive at the house of Mrs. Dete and Mr. Moasis, we have time to rest in the hammocks, walk around the site, get to know the An ancient way of life of these families, ready for a delicious lunch, which can be fish, chicken or goat, prepared in traditional recipes, with coconut milk, brown sauce or in the simple and delicious way that fishermen prepare. After lunch, we have time to rest, replenish our energy and get back on our mount to return to the beach for a new route with the horses, until we meet in a car and return to Atins. On the way back, we have the alternative of stopping for dinner at Canto de Atins shrimp. (Not included) Return to the inn at 6 pm (without dinner), or 8 pm (with dinner)


Recommended period from May to January

Check out 7am

5 hours of horseback

Come back 6pm

R$1200 p.p. shared

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Baixa Grande Sempre Atins Cavalgadas.jpg

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HORSES EXPEDITION (3 days and 2 nights)

The first day of adventure, we leave Atins early, heading towards the Lagoa Tropical circuit, a stop to take photos and then continue to the region of vegetation that connects with the blue lagoon tadpole. Here we have time for a bath and a rest before continue to Baixa da Onça here will be our lunch... in the afternoon we will go to Vargem D'água, here our stay will be in tents, when we arrive the camp is ready, time to contemplate the sunset from a unique viewpoint of the National Park, early dinner it's ready, fresh fish, grilled meat and vegetables, with salads and fruit juices from the region, a fire and ready to rest…

Second day, very early, our breakfast is ready and so are the horses, our longest dune route, in a unique immersion in Lençóis Maranhenses, crossing lowlands, streams and lakes, until reaching the Lagoa do Gavião circuit, stopping for a Pic -Nic natural, with sandwiches and fruit juices… after a rest we continue through the vegetation of Ponta do Mangue, to Dona Ziluca's house, who awaits us with coffee and cake… time for a relaxing bath and rest, after sunset o dinner is ready, a delicious free-range chicken in coconut milk, a unique family recipe!! Rest in hammocks, if the weather is good there is an alternative to be outdoors, a unique and unforgettable experience, if you prefer you can also have the option of tents…

Third day after Dona Ziluca's delicious beiju and coffee we are ready for our last day, we ride through the high dunes, passing by the circuit of Lagoa das Sete Mulheres and then Lagoa Capivara, a wonderful view of the dune field and the infinite ocean on the horizon , we ride towards the beach, a few gallops to Canto do Atins here we go to the famous Camarão Grelhado, rest in the hammocks of Senhor Antônio's restaurant, in the afternoon the final part through the beaches and mangroves until Atins.


Recommended period from May to January

Departure on the 1st at 6.30 am

20 hours of horseback

Return on the 3rd at 5 pm

BRL 4200 p.p.


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2 Horseback Ridings

Day 1 - Sunset ride Departure 15.15h Pousada

The horses wait, the sun is still high and the afternoon is warm, it is recommended to have a good hat, sunscreen and glasses. Soon we enter the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a primer canter across dunes between lagoons, leaving us in the Ponta do Mangue region, a fishing village, areas of closed vegetation following animal trails, between streams, flooded areas, and great lagoons for a swim and cool off, stopping at Lagoa do Mario, and continue riding on the dunes of the Canto do Atins circuit, where the sunset will be contemplated, return to rest at the inn.

Day 2 - Lagoons Ride Departure 8 am Pousada

We cross Atins and the village of Santo Inácio, to start the ride through the vegetation areas of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park less visited on the east limit of the dune field, different sandy formations and flora, savanna and sandbank, crossing streams and contemplating small waterfalls, seasonal, until you reach the dunes of the circuit of the Tropical Lagoon, here we will make another long journey through dunes, enjoying several lagoons of different colors and sizes… at Lagoa Lorena we have more than an hour to swim and make beautiful photographs, back on the horses and depending of the pace, we will explore areas of restinga, cerrado and wetlands, only transited by cowboys, cattle and animals in search of water during the dry season of the year, from here we entered Ponta do Mangue again, but now from the west, and we reached the house of Dona Ziluca, who prepares a delicious free range chicken, in the traditional recipes of the house, with Coconut Milk and Brown Sauce, after lunch, we will have time for a rest in the house hammock, a small café and ride again to ride again through the dunes towards the beach of the old mouth of the Rio Preguiça and return through areas of black mangrove sand, inhabited by different crustaceans and birds, where in some occasions it is possible to contemplate the guarás (ibis), already in the direction of Atins we continue on beaches until arriving at the Pousada.


■ All meals mentioned in the itinerary

■ Waters during the ride

■ Expert guidance

■ All activities on horseback

■ Adventure insurance (Porto Seguro)

■ Rescue vehicle


■ Gratuities

■ Drinks during Lunch on Day 2

■ Items of a personal nature such as sun cream, hats and the like

■ Pousada for overnight stay or breakfast in Atins

■ Travel and medical insurance

Recommended period from May to September

Mandatory use of long pants and closed shoes

Day 1, Departure 3.15 pm Return 6.30 pm

12 hours of horseback riding

Day 2 Departure 8 am Return at 5 pm

BRL 1,200 p.p.

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