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Ridings 2024



A unique opportunity to take the most beautiful photos at sunset, horse rides recommended between September and December, but unforgettable all year round. The wind clears the sky and the sun lights up the dunes with its reflections.

Recommended period: All year.

Departure 3.30pm
2 to 3 hours of horseback riding
BRL 720 p.p. Shared (Includes Dinner, Arrival 9pm)



The horseback ride starts in the darkness of dawn, with the horses ready to take you to witness an enchanting moment: the sunrise over the white dunes of the National Park. After a delicious typical breakfast at Ponta do Mangue, we return to the inn with time to enjoy the beach or do other activities during the day.

Recommended period: from September to January.

Departure 5am
3 hours of horseback riding
Arrival* 9am
BRL 900 p.p shared (Breakfast Included)

Nascer do sol a cavalo Sempre Atins
Baixa Grande Sempre Atins cavalos cavalgadas_edited_edited.jpg

Oasis Baixa Grande

At 7am, the 4x4 car (if there are only 1 or 2 people, it can be a quadricycle) picks up the guests at the inn, to take a tour of the Lençóis Maranhenses beach to the Rio Negro, at this point the horses are waiting to continue riding, between lagoons and high dunes, during the tour we make a stop for a bath and contemplation, and we continue to the Baixa Grande Oasis in the heart of the Lençóis Maranhenses, here we arrive at Dona Dete's house and Mr. Moasis, we have time to relax on the hammocks, walk around the farm, learn about the old way of life of these families, ready for a delicious lunch, which can be fish, chicken or goat, prepared in traditional recipes, with coconut milk, brown sauce or simply and delicious way that fishermen prepare. After lunch, we have time to rest, recharge and get back on the horse to return to the beach through a new route with the horses, until we meet with the car and return to Atins. On the way back we have the option to stop for dinner at the Canto de Atins shrimp (not included). Returns to the inn at 6pm (without dinner), or 8pm (with dinner).

Recommended period from May to January.

Departure 7am
5 hours of riding
come back 6pm
BRL 1,500 p.p. shared



Atins, Lençóis Maranhenses
Maranhão, Brasil.

Reservations & Contact

+55 98 98616153

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