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Lençóis Maranhenses
Horseback Crossing

Atins <> Santo Amaro

We present an example itinerary for a 4-day route, starting in Santo Amaro and ending in Atins. This itinerary can be customized to 5, 4, 3 or 2 days, or to meet the unique needs of your clients. Facundo and our team are available to help you create the most exclusive and differentiated itinerary for your clients in the Lençóis Maranhenses.



Santo Amaro > Queimada

On the first day of the 4-day crossing, the client will be picked up from their lodge at 8am in a 4x4 vehicle. We will then head to the boundary of the Park, where the horses will be waiting. We'll embark on an incredible horseback ride between Lagoa das Emendadas and Queimada dos Brito, accompanied by a native of the oasis, Neto, who will guide us to his home for a delicious traditional lunch prepared by his wife, with goat or kid in coconut milk. While we enjoy the meal, Neto will share stories of the region with us. After lunch, we'll take a break in the hammocks to rest before continuing the ride through the interior of the Queimada dos Brito community. Finally, we'll arrive at the home of Dona Joana and Sr. Raimundo, where we'll spend the first two nights and have the opportunity to experience the routine of a typical rural family.


Queimada dos Brito

After a delicious breakfast, we will depart on our horseback ride towards Lagoa do Piador and other lagoons near the beach, on the most virgin side of the park where only fishermen transit. Our route will give us the opportunity to swim in the lagoons, explore the nature around us, and take beautiful photographs. At noon, we will be welcomed by Vargado and Maria's family, natives with a large family who reserve their hospitality for those who have been trekking for many years. They will prepare a special lunch under the trees in their yard, with typical dishes from the region. In the late afternoon, we will head back to Dona Joana's house for dinner and spend our second night there.

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Queimada > Baixa Grande

To start the day off right, we'll have an energizing breakfast with coffee, eggs, tapioca, and fruits. Then, we'll embark on a long-distance horseback ride, enjoying incredible views of the dunes and giant lagoons, including the stunning Black Lagoon and Emerald Lagoon. During the ride, we'll have time to swim and relax before noon. Next, we'll arrive at Dona Regina's house in the Oasis of Baixa Grande, where Mr. Raimundo will prepare a fresh and organic lunch with Tambaqui fish he raised himself in the pond. In the afternoon, we'll head to Dona Dete's house, where we'll have another delicious and traditional dinner with duck in brown gravy. To end the night, we'll celebrate with beers and caipirinhas while listening to the stories of Mr. Moacir, born in Baixa Grande and turning 60 years old in 2023.


Baixa Grande > Atins

On the last day of the crossing, after breakfast, it's time to get ready for the last horseback riding stretch. The route starts from Baixa Grande and heads towards the Bonzinho waterfall, where travelers can enjoy the last lagoons and stunning landscapes of the low dunes near the beach. Long gallops can be made on the banks of the Rio Negro and on the beaches of Lençóis Maranhenses, in a scenery that looks like it came out of a postcard.

Finally, the car awaits to take the group to Atins, on a beach route that provides incredible views of the Maranhense coast. There is a lunch stop at the famous Camarão do Canto de Atins, a restaurant known for the quality of its seafood. And before the end of the afternoon, travelers arrive back at the inn, where they can rest and remember all the adventures experienced during the crossing.

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The accommodations along the Horseback Riding Crossing


R$1260 per day*

Net price, per person in shared

This is not a public link, do not disclose or share with your client, the net price for operators and agencies is promotional for the period of May 1st to December 31st, 2023, or until Sempre Atins communicates the end of the promotion.

*Price for 4-day horseback riding. Standard service.

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