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Those who form Sempre Atins are true lovers of horses and this wonderful place. Since 2014 we ride on horseback in Lençóis Maranhenses at all times of the year, so we design and plan the best trails for each season. Sempre Atins offers the most varied horseback riding, all inclusive services, with certified native guides and accompanying interpreters, specially trained horses and care, the best safety equipment. Our services also include food, accommodation, adventure insurance and photography.

We love Nature... We are Nature

Share this adventure and passion with the creators of horseback riding at Lençóis Maranhenses.




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Sunset & Nighty Riding

Departure 4pm

3 hours on Horseback

     Arrive 9pm


Dinner include

     The Famous Grilled

Shrimps of Canto de Atins


Insurance Policy

Watch amazing Landscapes and the magical night sky at the dunes

Riding of the Lagoons

Departure 8am

4 hours on horseback

Arrive 5pm


Lunch include

Galinha Caipira (Chicken)

on Milk of Coco Nuts

at Ponta do Mangue


Insurance Policy

Discovery the nature and Culture

of Lençóis Maranhenses

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Sunrise´s Riding

Departure 5am

3 hours on Horseback

Arrive 9pm


Traditional and Organic

Breakfast include

at Ponta do Mangue


Insurance Policy

Is an especial adventure for Photography Lovers



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Michele & Mark

★★★★★ 14/5/19

Our 2 days 1 night horse riding trip with Facundo into the Lencois was incredible and awesome!! It is the most special and beautiful inspiring place on earth. The horses were lovely and amazing, very well behaved, sure footed and comfortable both walking and cantering. Facundo is a professional wrangler, so nice and most attentive and took care of us extremely well. We slept in hammocks and ate delicious local food. Me and my husband are experienced riders but the other couple with us from Italy were novice riders-nevertheless we all had a marvelous time together! I’ll never forget this ride and dreaming of coming back to Atins and doing it all over again.



★★★★★ 19/5/19

Fantastique balade avec Facundo et ses chevaux : le paysage en lui-même est déjà extraordinaire. Mais avec les chevaux, on emprunte en plus des passages plus difficilement accessibles, on glisse dans les dunes, on traverse les cours d'eau,... Et on galope quand le sol le permet. Inoubliable expérience !

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Zoe Li

★★★★★ 23/3/18

I went on the ‘Sempre Atins’ ride as described on the very informative website. Had never been horse riding before but Facundo, the owner and guide, was great and I quickly got used to it. The horse I was on (Shadu) was very gentle and well behaved. There are 6 horses in total who are all very well fed and looked after. Facundo is passionate about the horses and the National Park. We saw beautiful wetlands and mangrove habitats and local family communities which you would not otherwise have been able to see on a typical buggy ride. Stopped for swims in Lagoa Mario by the mangroves and Lagoas de Sete Mulheres in the dunes. We saw a lot but also managed to relax too in a hammock after a grilled shrimp and fish lunch in Canto do Atins. Finished with a ride along the beach. Really recommend Sempre Atins!


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