3, 4, ou mais dia de aventura


A Super Natural Experience
Lençóis Maranhenses

3-DAY EXPEDITIONS / Nature and Culture

Discover Lençóis Maranhenses and the culture of Maranhão - Northeast Brazil

A surprising experience in the Brazilian humid desert, Lençóis Maranhenses, horse expeditions designed to satisfy any rider and every rider, for the more experienced, a special ride, unique in the world, and a great opportunity for beginners willing to experience a super adventure natural with these animals in this inhospitable and paradisiacal place. The first expeditions of the year are during the rainy season, which happen mainly at night, but can also arrive during the day, so it is important to include waterproof clothing and a raincoat in the equipment, nature is exuberant in a process of permanent mutation, one of the best period to realize the magic of this Paradise.

The 4 expeditions follow the same trails, which can change with the movement of the water during this period, but each expedition has its particularity, the Carnival Expedition includes a bonfire with a party and dance, the Santa Expedition includes fish and fruit food from the sea, and also wine during dinner, the Eclipse Expedition  promises one of the most wonderful astronomical events of recent years, observed without light pollution, and the Summer Expedition  will have more bathing in lakes and streams, plus a picnic in front of a wonderful pool Natural ..


Lençóis Maranhenses, São Luis
Maranhao Brazil

SLZ Airport Marechal Machado São Luis - MA - Brazil

Include TRANSFER Airport
São Luis - Lençóis Maranhenses PRIVATE

Carnival / 27 Feb. to 1 March
Holy / 14 to 18 April 
Eclipse / 14 to 18 May
Summer / 16 to 20 July

3 Days - 18 hours horseback

Max. 6 people

Intermediate Riding Level





São Luis




Day 1 / 5h Airport or Inn (São Luís, MA)

Our car will pick you up to take you to Barreirinhas, a journey of approximately 4 hours, with a stop for breakfast.

Upon arrival in Barreirinhas, the speedboat, or 4x4, awaits to take you to Atins. After the presentation of the accommodation, the day will be free to walk around the village, visit the beach or try some traditional meal.




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A family home in the Oasis Baixa Grande community, it offers great hammocks and delicious traditional food. Shacks, built in the traditional way, with pallias and wood, rustic and cozy rooms, with hammocks or mattresses.

Mrs. Dete is also in charge of the kitchen and feeding, many of the ingredients come from her garden, and from her husband's lord Moasis's husbandry.


Carnival Expedition

February 27th to March 1st    


Holy Expedition

April 14th to 18th                            

Eclipse Expedition

May 14th to 18th                             

Summer Expedition

June 16th to 20th                           

All Expeditions - Casa da Dona Dete, Baixa Grande

Natural Hostel, Atins



■ All accommodations during the trip
■ All meals and drinks
■ All activities mentioned in the itinerary
■ Expert guidance
■ All activities on horseback
■ Adventure insurance



■ International and Domestic Flights
■ Gratuities and items of a personal nature

■ Accommodation in São Luís MA
■ Additional activities such as Kite Surfing or Fishing
■ Travel insurance and medical assistance





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