Sunrise Ride
R $ 490.00 p.p. (Breakfast included)
The ride begins at night, at dawn the horses are waiting to take you to witness a magical moment, the birth of the sun in the white dunes of the National Park. Then a tasty and typical breakfast, at Ziluca's house in Ponta do Mangue. And we return at the inn with time to enjoy the beach or take other walks in the day.

Departure 5 am

Round 9 am



Sunset Ride (Traditional)
R $ 400.00 p.p.
A unique opportunity to take the most beautiful photographs, at dusk, horseback riding recommended between September and December but unforgettable all year, the wind clears the sky, and the sun paints the dunes with its reflections.

Departure 3 pm-3.30 pm

Return 6.30 pm


Horseback Riding of the Lagoons and Lunch (Chicken Caipira in coconut milk)
R $ 550.00 p.p. (Lunch Included)
Wake up early, have a good breakfast and prepare your equipment, the horses are ready to start the adventure early in the morning. This is the best time to oxygenate, the first hours of the morning are cooler and the best opportunity to see how life wakes up in the vegetation areas of Lençóis Maranhenses. Crossing small rivers of crystal clear water, a good time to cool off before arriving at the first group of dunes that we will travel, a wonderful view of wonderfully colored lagoons, natural pools for swimming and photographing, while exploring the shapes of the dunes and lagoons we continue to Ponta do Mangue, a village within the park where we will have lunch, the guide will share his experience with the natives, and lunch ... a delicious and traditional Galinha Caipira in coconut milk. A rest in the backyard hammocks and we go out to Lagoa das Sete Mulheres time for a refreshing swim, and start the tour around the dune field on the way to Canto de Atins, from here we continue along the beaches looking at the life of fishermen and nature , birds and crustaceans that are part of the mangrove riches ...

Departure 8 am-8.30 am
Return 4.30 pm-5 pm


Sunset Ride + Dinner (Grilled Shrimp)
R $ 520.00 (Dinner Included)
Visit to Ponta do Mangue and Lagoa do Mario community (vegetation region) Stop at Lagoa do Pôr do Sol (dunes) Stop for dinner Grilled Shrimp in Canto de Atins (included)
A unique opportunity to take the most beautiful photographs, at dusk, the lagoons in the region remain with water until September but the tour is recommended all year, after September the wind clears the sky, and the sun paints the dunes with their reflections. The return is an unforgettable night ride to contemplate the stars and the infinite sky of Lençóis.

Departure 3.30pm-4pm

Return 9pm

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