This year we will make the third ride of children's day, this is an event in which children from the different places we visit in our ridings participate, they are always very interested in horseback riding, many times they wait for us in places where we go to sleep or eat, to help with the care of the horses, always waiting for the opportunity to ride, so we favor this ride with them to share the dream of this adventure, share values ​​of friendship, respect for nature and preservation of their culture. On October 11th, 2020 we ride from Atins to Ponta de Mangue, accompanied by a group of these children and others wait for us at Dona Ziluca's house for all together to share a delicious lunch. We want to invite all of you to share this day with us, you can reserve your horse to participate, 100% of the proceeds will be used to buy school supplies for young people, diapers, hygiene products and baby food. If on October 11th you cannot be in Atins and want to collaborate, you can donate via PayPal, all your information will be safe.


  Participants and donors receive a beautiful reminder shirt.